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Shop.Plus.ro recommends the Infrared Quartz Portable Heater by World Mktg from Hardware World. Model number: QEH1400 - Product id: 551330987 - UPC: 13204114008 - Item number: 5GDQQG. Convection Radiant Infared Heaters product prices may vary. As an associate publisher, we cannot guarantee availability of the Infrared Quartz Portable Heater. 1 Each. Infrared Quartz Portable Heater. Portable Infrared Quartz Heater. powerful Comfort Glow compact infrared quartz heater has the same 5,120 BTU output as the large heaters, and the smaller cabinet. furnace fits almost anywhere and is exceptional for tight quarters, bedrooms, RVs, or areas where space is limited. Comfort Glow infrared. Please contact Hardware World's customer service for ordering information and payment options.

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