Choose OMG FMTLOK Timberlok Wood Screws Heavy Duty Wood Visually compare hardware tools, building supplies, electrical, lighting, plumbing, farm

OMG FMTLOK Timberlok Wood Screws Heavy Duty Wood

Product Description:
BTIMBERLOK HEAVY-DUTY WOOD SCREWS/BBRBRULLIStronger design shear value than 3/8 lag screwsLIHeat treated steel for enhanced strengthLIHead style countersinks itself on installationLISharp point & aggressive thread penetrates wood without pre-drillingLIGuaranteed corrosion resistance - ACQ approv Visually compare Home Family Home Improvement Wood - Manufacturer brand item 477250680 FMTLOK10-250 608309400134 W3AR77

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